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Pet Policy

WHG Extended Stay permits one well-behaved family pet to stay in a guest room with their owners, with a Pet Fee Charge and Pet Agreement signed by the guest at check-in, unless pets are prohibited by state law or ordinance. All service animals are exempt from the Pet Fee charge. We will accept one pet per room with a maximum weight of 35lbs. Pets may only be domestic animals such as dogs/cats and may not be poisonous in nature (i.e., snakes or spiders).

The following NON-REFUNDABLE Pet Cleaning Fee will be posted to your bill at the time of Check-in or Renewal. The Cleaning Fee is only applied for a Pet. Service Animals are not considered pets and are exempt from this cleaning fee. 


  1. Daily Guest: $15 daily, $75 max (this fee may be taxed). 
  2. Weekly Guest: $25 weekly, $150 max (this fee may be taxed). 
  3. Monthly Guest: $150 monthly, $150 max (this fee may be taxed).  

Pets must be declared during Guest Registration, and the Hotel has the right to refuse a pet due to weight, size or breed. The General Manager has the discretion to allow more than one pet during local events for Pets or during Pet Shows. Additional Pets are subject to additional Pet Fee charges.

The Pet owner will be given a Pet Magnet to place on the exterior of the guest room door in a visible location to identify that there is a Pet present in the guest room. The Pet Magnet will be used for the safety of the Team Members as well as other guest to be aware of their surroundings. 

Pets must never be left unattended in a guestroom unless they are in a kennel. Pets are to be kept on leashes when outside the guest’s room. When walking Pets on the property, the guest is to be considerate of other guests and clean up after his/her pet.

Team Members are not allowed to walk, feed, “baby-sit” any animal that stays on site since the animals should not be left unattended by their owners (this includes Service animals).

Housekeeping will enter your room on your assigned housekeeping day after your Pet has been removed for service. Please contact the Front Desk to schedule a convenient cleaning time. Please make sure to use the Pet Magnet given at Check-in on the exterior of the guest room door.

Pet owners are responsible for their pet behavior. Excessive barking and/or aggressive animals are not permitted. You have only one warning concerning noise complaints (the same procedure applies to guests with pets as it does for everyone else) if there is a second complaint, the guest will be asked to check out or the animal will no longer be allowed to stay.

Pets must be walked in the designated pet walk area. Pets are not permitted in public areas for extended periods of time in courtesy to other guests. Pet owner is responsible for proper disposal of any pet debris on property. $50.00 fine for not picking up after your pet will be applied. Service Animals are permitted anywhere with their Owner.